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A great Testimonial from Smeg UK


“We hired Shane to support us on the Smeg Foodservice stand at the Hotelympia show this March and he was a great success for us. Shane was able to draw customers and suppliers onto the stand even when the show became relatively quiet with his amazing magic tricks and illusions and he invested a lot of time before the show to incorporate both our new key products and their unique selling points into a large number of his routines. We had people scouring the exhibition hall to find our stand and everyone commented on Shane’s mind blowing performances. We would definitely use him again to add that different edge to the stand and attract on the normal passer-by’s”.

Phil Coulstock, Commercial Channel Director – Smeg Foodservice

Will any Trade show magician do?


The answer to this question is quite a simple one, its a profound NO, Not all magicians are the same we all have our speciality areas of expertise, one would not hire a children's magician for a corporate show and vice versa it just does not work. There are many Magicians out there calling themselves trade show entertainers but have not actually performed at a Trade show! just a quick Google search and you can see this for your self, these magicians think just by doing a couple of tricks for passers by will suffice this is not what you want or need. A good trade show magician or entertainer will spend a couple of weeks researching your company,market and the competition and will work along side your sales and marketing team in the run up to the exhibition to maximize your exposure and draw the most amount of leads at the show.

Unusual Situation at the exhibition?


Just Come back from a recent exhibition which was a first for me, in the fact that there was another magician performing just across the isle (what are the chances of that) it was not to bad for me as it was not a direct competitor of the company i was employed by, and this leads on from my previous post in August (will any trade show magician do?) This magician i will not name was clearly uncomfortable in this environment, whilst his slight of hand was rather good his performing style was more suited to birthday parties rather than the corporate arena. The effects he did perform did not include any of the USP's or products the company was trying to promote and not once in his performances did i hear him mention the company name, that being said he did manage to stop people and engage with them, but they all left without any information about the company he was working for which is unacceptable in my opinion. at the very least the attendee needs to know what the company and or product is and the benefits of said company or product and why the attendee should do business with you. there was also no lead generation that i saw for that company and a great opportunity wasted.